Is it possible to buy a home in metro Denver without living in Colorado? Are you too busy to view 30 homes in person while shopping for a home? I have a virtual home buying & virtual home shopping option in metro Denver for you.

Technology provides a number tools that enable us to communicate, understand home buying priorities, view homes virtually, evaluate the home value, write offers, inspect the home, and close on the home without being in Denver or with minimal demands on your time if you are in Colorado. 

If you want to shop for a home or buy a home in Denver Colorado with minimal demands on your time, or from a different state, you will want a metro Denver Realtor with a firm handle on these technology and communication tools.

Virtual home shopping: Finding the right home in Colorado for you.

Of course, we have all of the standard communication tools to utilize so that I understand your preferences. These Denver Realtor Reviews Virtual Home Shoppingpreferences vary from home functionality to location preferences, school needs, commute times, cash flow potential, etc. We can use, Skype, e-mail, or telephone for me to understand this. Once we narrow down primary home feature and location preferences, I can begin viewing homes for you. I will do full video walkthroughs. I will note important features, how they fit your criteria, and how they impact the resale potential of the home. I will create links to these virtual home-buying tours and virtual home shopping tours that are functional for a text message as well as e-mail. My videos include a 360-degree impression of the block and neighborhood.


Virtual home shopping: Evaluating your Denver home of interest.

Denver Realtor Reviews Virtual Home Buying and Virtual Home Shopping Neighborhood ScoutHow do you evaluate a neighborhood if you are not here to see it in person? I subscribe to a website, that will provide 3rd party crime, demographic, and school information for any homes of interest as well. If you find a home that fits your lifestyle needs, you still want to know what it is worth. When I do a home value evaluation in Denver (See an example of my home value evaluation here) I narrow down to the most similar 3 homes in the same neighborhood that have sold in the last 3 - 6 months. I look for similarly aged homes, similar square footage, similar car storage, similar style homes, similar basement features etc. I create a price per square foot comparison, and I tell you my opinion of the price, and whether or not I believe there is a risk it will not appraise for the purchase price you are under contract for. I also generate 3 automatic values from, realist, and to compare my evaluation with. 


Virtual home buying: Writing an offer on your metro Denver home.

Virtual home buying and virtual home shopping in Denver: writing an offerThe offer you write will be the contract the governs the whole home buying process. I use real estate software from to allow for the seamless transmission of contracts and easy signing of contracts. The software generates links that allow for easy reference throughout the purchase process along with the seamless signing feature. 


Virtual home buying: Escrow process while under contract on your metro Denver home.

The home inspection will be the second biggest hurdle to not being physically present in your virtual home buying and virtual home shopping experience. I will help coordinate the inspection, I will meet the home inspector, I will make a list of concerns raised in person, and I will walk through the inspection with you over the phone.


Virtual home buying: Closing on your metro Denver home purchase.

No electronic signing is possible to close on a house. But people do close on the purchase/sale of the home from out of state frequently. Funds are wired electronically for the downpayment, usually, in most transactions. It is very important to verify wiring instructions, and I will be available to assist with that. The title company can and will be able to overnight documents for you to sign and mail back. They will provide complete instructions and even refer a title company or notary to assist you in your location.

I will do another video walkthrough of the home prior to closing and verify the home is being transferred in the condition expected.

I hope this gives you a good idea of what virtual home shopping and virtual home buying would look like with me as your Denver Realtor. I hope I have the opportunity to work for you.


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