Why do I need a Realtor?

  • To coach you through the process / be your advocate

  • Market and neighborhood knowledge

  • Price guidance and negotiation

  • Help you avoid expensive pitfalls


How is a Realtor paid?

  • Typically Sellers pay their Realtor a commission, which is split with the Buyer’s agent making the services of a Realtor free to the Buyers.


How long does it take to buy a house?

  • After finding a home and coming to an agreement on terms with the Seller, it typically takes between 30 & 45 days to complete the transaction.


What a is lender pre-qualification letter, when do I need it, and why do I need it?

  • A pre-qualification letter is provided by a Lender after an initial credit and income check, providing the Buyer with the maximum amount they can borrow to purchase a home.

  • A pre-qualification is needed prior to being shown homes by your Realtor

  • A pre-qualification letter is needed to prove to Sellers that you are qualified to purchase a desired home, and to ensure you are looking at relevant properties.


What is earnest money?

  • Earnest money is typically 1% of the purchase price.

  • Earnest money is held in escrow as collateral during the purchase process.

  • Earnest money will be credited as part of the down payment at closing.


What expenses will I have other than closing costs and the downpayment?

  • Depending on square footage and types of inspections the Buyer chooses, will determine this out of pocket expense.

Basic ~ $250+

Radon ~ $150+

Sewer ~ $150+

Mold ~ TBD

What is an Agency agreement?

  • A Buyer’s Agency Agreement is required by most Realtors, enabling them to work on your behalf and contracting that you are not working with other agents.


What advantages do I offer?

  • I offer the experience and availability of a full time real estate agent.

  • In a low pressure manner, showing as many homes as possible to buyers so that they are 100% comfortable with their selection.

  • Advising Denver home buyers on the value of prospective homes, potential appraisal risk, and resale concerns.

  • Assisting the home buyer to include the terms in their offer that protect any of their current or future concerns, while at the same time positively marketing the home buyer to the home seller.

  • Managing deadlines in the escrow process, coaching the buyer on their due diligence rights, and protecting their earnest money.

  • No obligation, risk free buyer agency contract; home buyers are never stuck working with me.

  • I offer honesty and integrity.

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