Real Estate Chaffee and Lake Counties: October 2023 Deep Dive


Immerse yourself in the October 2023 real estate landscape of Chaffee and Lake Counties, Colorado. This detailed analysis offers a comprehensive look at the real estate dynamics and unique natural features of these counties.

Exploring Chaffee County

Chaffee County's landscape, marked by the Arkansas River and the Sawatch Range, offers a unique mix of natural beauty and real estate potential. Explore Salida, the county's most populous city, and its surrounding areas, each with its distinct elevation and lifestyle.

Discovering Lake County

Lake County, known for its elevated living experience in Leadville, stands as a beacon of high-altitude living and a rich historical tapestry. This section of Colorado merges its mining heritage with modern-day recreation and tourism.

Chaffee and Lake County October 2023 Market Report

Median Close Price Trends

Reflecting on the real estate climate, October 2023 saw the median closing price in Chaffee and Lake Counties climb to $654,500, showing significant growth over the previous year and month, indicating a thriving market.

Median Close Price Trends

Snapshot of Active Listings

Tracking the active listings reveals a subtle rise to 52 in October 2023 from 49 in the same month last year, offering a broader scope for potential buyers in the current market landscape.

Active Listings Snapshot

Volume of Sales

Comparing sales volume, there were 248 transactions in October 2023, marking a noticeable increase from October 2022 and a slight dip from September 2023, showcasing a dynamic and active market.

Sales Volume Analysis

Price Ratio Insights

An intriguing aspect of the market is the close price to original price ratio, which slightly declined to 95% in October 2023, suggesting a nuanced shift in buyer-seller negotiations compared to the previous months.

Price Ratio Insights

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