Waiving Appraisal Fees in Colorado for Real Estate Partnerships

Unlock Appraisal Fee Waivers in Colorado for Your Clients

We’re rolling out an enticing proposition for real estate professionals across Colorado. Direct your buyers to us, and we’ll waive the appraisal cost, imparting immediate savings for their home purchase journey.

Enhancing the Home-Buying Process

Appraisals set the stage for a well-informed home purchase. Our simple rule: for mortgage amounts exceeding $200,000 and chosen lender compensation plans with United Wholesale Mortgage, we eliminate the appraisal cost.

Benefits for Agents and Buyers

Realtors and buyers benefit mutually from this initiative. It's designed to reinforce the value you deliver, ensuring a smoother transaction from start to finish.

Accelerated Closing

Our appraisal fee waiver is tailored to speed up the mortgage cycle, which is key to faster closings, giving you an advantage in the fast-paced Colorado real estate market.

Streamlined Deals

Offer a seamless buying experience with our promotion, reducing the closing costs and enhancing transaction efficiency for your client.

Empowered Purchasing Decisions

Eliminating upfront appraisal costs grants buyers more leeway in their budget, which might be the decisive element for those deliberating their purchase. This flexibility can widen their property search and possibly uplift your commission prospects as their realtor.

Deepened Trust With Clients

Agents who extend appraisal cost waivers solidify client relationships, establishing trust. Such gestures contribute to client retention and referrals, cementing your status as a dedicated professional.

Elevate your client's buying capacity. Apply for their mortgage here. Alternatively, assess a home's worth promptly.

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This promotion applies to loan amounts over $200,000 with United Wholesale Mortgage selected for lender compensation. Exclusions may apply for FHA and reverse mortgages. Valid for closings within 2023. This offer is NOT limited to Colorado.