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Denver Realtor Reviews Home Showings October 15 2016

1540 S Yates St Denver - Buyer Rating 9

Denver Realtor Reviews Denver Home For Sale MLS Listing 1540 S Yates St

Nice laminate floors when you walk in. Very big closet by the entryway. Nice oversized white cabinets with granite countertops stainless steel appliances. Not a lot of eating space. Your windows. Bathroom has really nice finishes. Call three bedrooms are good sized. Laundry on the main floor. Nice big pantry in the kitchen. A little bit of a low entry to the basement. Basement ceilings are a little bit low. The basement is partial with across face. Crawl space is dirt that has a not been sealed and dirt is up against wood.


6082 S Garland Way Littleton - Buyer Rating 9.5

Denver Realtor Reviews Litleton Home For Sale MLS Listing 6082 S Garland Way


Big yard. Stairs up or down when you come in. Nice burger carpets are out the house. Fireplace downstairs. Laundry downstairs. Newer windows. Very nicely finished bathroom in the lower level. Laminate floors in the dining and kitchen. Kitchen is a little bit tight with not a lot of cabinets face or countertops face. Very nice deck off of the kitchen. Big trees. 2 bedrooms on the upper level are good sized. Upper level bathroom has a nice finishes as well. Corner lot.


4789 S Swadley St Morrison - Buyer Rating 5

Denver Realtor Reviews Morrison Home For Sale MLS Listing 4789 S Swadley St

Exterior of the home is showing somewhere and tear. Need some paint. Also there's some settling in the slab of the sidewalk in the driveway. When you walk in its obvious the carpet needs to be replaced in the trim is Ben chewed a way around the door. Nice vaulted ceilings. Laminate floors in the kitchen need to be replaced. Newer windows. Nice two car garage. No offense and parts of the backyard. Needs lots of landscaping. Deck is in bad shape. Dining room is not big.


4611 S Tabor Way Morrison - Buyer Rating

Denver Realtor Reviews Morrison Home For Sale MLS Listing 4611 S Tabor Way

Newer windows. Nice layout big kitchen. Master bedroom faces the front. Nice walk in closet in the master bedroom. Master bedroom feels very big. Although finishes are laminate counter tops and linoleum. Nice chair rail and Wayne's cutting in the spare bedrooms. No bathroom on the main floor. No access to the garage except for outside. Nice big deck and back into open space and then bigger road. AC.


11806 W Tulane Morrison - Buyer Rating 6

Denver Realtor Reviews Morrison Home For Sale MLS Listing 11806 W Tulane

Bathrooms are in good condition. 3 bedrooms upstairs are fairly decent sized. Laundry in the bathroom upstairs. Nice that you can see the park from the master bedroom. Nice it's an end unit. Not a lot of dining room space. Garage does not connect to the house. Not a lot of high and finishes is mostly linoleum night countertops on linoleum. No bathroom the main floor. New roof.


3365 W Belmont Ave Littleton - Buyer Rating



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