Christopher Gibson is a full-service flat fee Denver listing real estate agent. What does flat fee mean? A flat fee refers to a fixed charge that a client pays to a real estate broker instead of a percentage-based commission.

Flat fee real estate pricing offered by Denver Realtor Christopher Gibson

Most real estate agents will offer to charge home sellers 6% of the sales price to list a home on the MLS and provide marketing services to a metro Denver home seller. Of this 6%, they will offer to pay 2.8% to the buyer's agent to encourage Buyer's Agents to bring their buyers and show the home and compensate for bringing an offer. The listing agent will then retain 3.2% of the sales price as their eventual compensation.

Denver Realtor Christopher Gibson's flat fee real estate pricing charges home sellers $9,800 + 2.8%. He then compensates buyer's agents with the 2.8%. See how this flat fee real estate model breaks down below for Denver home sellers. Christopher Gibson never offers less than 2.8% to Buyer's Agents because along with top-notch marketing we want the price of the home isolated as the only variable in the home sale equation.

How much sellers usually pay to Denver real estate agents compared to my flat fee

Flat Fee Denver Realtor Fee Comparison

As you can see this model results in a $12,600 savings with a $700,000 sales price. But is this a case of "you get what you pay for"?

Denver Realtor Christopher Gibson offers full service for his flat fee real estate listings

Full service / flat fee real estate marketing and services offered by Denver Realtor Christopher Gibson includes the following.

1.     Professional photography from Virtuance includes a virtual tour that goes out to all Denver real estate agent web sites that pull from the MLS.

2.     Aerial exterior photography, possibly twilight, performed by FAA 107 certified Aerial Photography of Colorado professional photographer Christopher Gibson.
*Complimentary for the opportunity to interview for the listing*

3.     In addition to listing on the MLS my listings are also put on,, and

4.     Ability to list in the Colorado Springs MLS (PPAR) or the Boulder MLS (IRES) in conjunction with the Denver MLS (RECOLORADO), if deemed appropriate.

5.     Reverse prospecting: email blast to reverse prospect agents and personal touches to favorite and possibility matches.

6.     Luxury sign and signpost if permitted by HOA.

7.     High-quality color flyers.

8.     Floor plan printed for showings and included in online tour.

9.     A dedicated web URL and web site like that is included on all printed materials and for which I create a custom sign.

10.  Open houses hosted by partners or myself as desired.

11.  Showing coordination assistance from, one of the premium showing services in the United States; enabling seamless showing coordination with agents and a high level of feedback.

12.  Electronic lockbox which changes codes daily, and logs what agents visited and when they visited.

13.  Contract addition which allows you to cancel it at any time, risk-free from any marketing costs I have spent.

14.  Contract addition which entitles you to the entirety of the earnest money should a deal fall through; usually the listing agent is entitled to half.

If you are interviewing other metro Denver real estate agents I challenge you to find one who offers all of this without the flat fee option, let alone with it.

Even with a flat fee, Denver Realtor Christopher Gibson is always a Seller's Agent and never a Transaction Broker. 

Many of the flat fee real estate agents will enlist themselves as Transaction Brokers, which means they do not offer any of the services below that Denver Realtor Christopher Gibson offers when he enlists himself as a Seller's Agent.

  • Promoting the interests of Seller with the utmost good faith, loyalty, and fidelity;
  • Seeking a price and terms that are set forth in this Seller Listing Contract; and  
  • Counseling Seller as to any material benefits or risks of a transaction that are actually known by Broker.