Denver Realtor Reviews: What is a Denver and Colorado virtual reality real estate agent and how can a virtual real estate agent help you? 

Many home buyers are relocating from other states. How do they select the perfect home from a long distance? Even if you make a special trip to Denver and Colorado to choose a home you may not find it during that trip.

Many home buyers are busy professionals who can not drop everything to see a home that was just listed for sale in this fast paced real estate market.

In order to overcome challenges of home shopping from a distance or for purposes of providing speed and agility to busy professionals in the home search process I have self titled myself a virtual real estate shopper.

Check out the virtual reality, 360 degree video explanation of my virtual real estate agent services in Colorado and Denver below.

Don't forget to pause the video and pan around as I am walking to see some of the things I am talking about.


Virtual Reality Real Estate Agent In Colorado And Denver 

Virtual Real Estate Agent For Home Buyers In Colorado - Christopher GibsonI used to preview and film homes for home buyers with my cell phone, narrating the videos on all the pros and cons of how a home suits their needs and wants along with my perceived views on the resale concerns of the home. Recently I discovered the Insta 360 One X camera. This camera has taken virtual real estate shopping to the next level. I used to have to make sure that I swiveled around to capture every angle of the home with my cell phone but with the 360 degree camera makes it possible for the home shopper to pause the video and pan around the space themselves, giving the home buyer a truly immersive experience. 

Saving home shoppers time and providing as much information as possible in the decision making process is something I pride myself in doing. This 360 degree camera has taken this ability and desire I have to the next level.

What do I try to show in a custom virtual reality, Denver Realtor review, 360 degree video of a Colorado home for sale that you may not see online?

  • Virtual Real Estate Agent For Home Buyers In Colorado - Insta360 One X CameraHome surroundings and environment: What do the surrounding homes look like? Are the yards well maintained? Are there a lot of vehicles parked on the road? Is there conforming construction? Are you close to an undesirable industrial complex or a nice park? Is there any road noise? Is the home on a road with a lot of traffic?
  • What is the flow of the home? Is the layout functional? What are the bedroom sizes like? Is there dining space? How are the ceiling heights? Are any features that would make the home undesirable or difficult to sell in the future?
  • How much light does the home have?
  • How big is the yard?
  • What are the finishes like? Are there tile floors and stone counter-tops or linoleum and laminate, etc. 
  • What is the condition of the finishes? I will comment on the condition of the carpet, grout & caulking, as well as if there are any funky smells.

Additional services I provide to front range Colorado home buyers

  • Neighborhood scout reports to evaluate neighborhood crime stats, school stats, demographics, and income levels.
  • Rentometer reports to evaluate the rent rate of homes of interest
  • Thorough price opinions of homes of interest for appraisal and resale purposes

There is a real need for virtual real estate agents in Denver and Colorado. This can be a valuable time saving tool for Colorado home buyers or even the primary home search method.